WARNING: This is the webpage of the 2019-2020 course!
Please check: http://caio-corro.fr/teaching/

Deep Learning

This is the website for the Deep Learning course (OPT8) of Master 2 AIC (2019-2020).


This course covers:

  • introduction to neural networks,
  • efficient training of neural networks,
  • convolutional neural networks,
  • generative neural network (Variational auto-encoders, Generative auto-encoders, Adversarial auto-encoders).

Courses will be teached by Michèle Sebag and myself. Lab exercises will be supervised by Victor Berger and myself.

This course is requirement for OPT7 (Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing). This course was originally taught by Alex Allauzen.

Grading Scheme

  • 50%: Exam
  • 50%: Lab exercises


You can contact me at caio.corro@u-psud.fr, either in French or English, with a subject starting with [OPT8]. Please, do not worry about typos or not being overly formal enough (just treat your instructors and colleagues with the same respect you would like to be treated).