Deep Learning

This is the website for the Deep Learning course (OPT4) of Master 1 AI (2020-2021).


This course covers:

  • introduction to neural networks,
  • efficient training of neural networks,
  • convolutional neural networks,
  • generative neural network (Variational auto-encoders, Generative auto-encoders, Adversarial auto-encoders),
  • introduction to Pytorch.

Courses will be teached by Michèle Sebag and myself. Lab exercises will be supervised by Kim Gerdes.

Grading Scheme

  • 25%: Lab exercises
  • 75%: Exam


You can contact me at caio.corro@u-psud.fr, either in French or English, with a subject starting with [OPT4]. Please, do not worry about typos or not being overly formal enough (just treat your instructors and colleagues with the same respect you would like to be treated).

WARNING: Each mail must discuss at most one point. Don’t send e-mails to several of my addresses. Thank you.